My Writing

I enjoy writing short stories, novels and essays about historical fiction, fantasy and historical non-fiction respectively. Many of my ideas have developed from daydreaming in the course of my academic studies in history, and I find that writing provides a useful creative release, for when my head is just too full of ideas.

I am currently part-way through a number of projects, all set in the same fantasy world, Sarus. The first, at fourth draft stage, is my novel, The Shadow’s Herald, with a series to follow named The Drakvalka Saga, also in the planning stages.

I have enjoyed a lot of support from my friends and family. As well, I have received useful feedback on some of my earlier works on, the r/fantasywriters subreddit, and in particular, for which I am enormously grateful. The creation of my own site seems like the natural progression in my nascent career, and I am excited to see how it develops.


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Historian/Author of The Shadow's Herald and The Drakvalka Saga. Book reviews, musings and the occasional rant land here.

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