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Book Review: ‘Blood of Requiem’, by Daniel Arenson

The premise of an empire controlled by a race of humans who can shapeshift into dragons is fantastic, but unfortunately I found the book disappointing. I found the motivations of the characters too simplistic, and thought that the stilted dialogue and in places forced humour detracted from the plot and made the characters seem less than credible. As well as this, there weren’t really any twists in the plot, perhaps because of the simplicity of the characters’ personalities, which made them somewhat predictable, and difficult to relate to.

Alongside this, I found that the book was full of inconsistencies, the most annoying of which to me personally was how strong the dragon-form scales are. At some points they seem able to withstand massive amounts of punishment, but at others it doesn’t offer any protection whatsoever. The size of the dragon-form as well seems to vary, with griffins sometimes swarming over every inch of a dragon, as if the dragon is enormous by comparison to the individual griffins. At other points however, some griffins are described as dwarfing some of the dragon characters, and I find the whole thing slightly disorienting. It is partly because of these inconsistencies that I would probably not recommend this book. It might however be a good entry-point into the genre for YA readers.

‘Blood of Requiem’, by Daniel Arenson is the first in the Song of Dragons Trilogy.