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Book Review: ‘Red Country’, by Joe Abercrombie

The journey across the Far Country described in Red Country is very reminiscent of an old Western, something which makes me all the more surprised that I enjoyed it so much. I read it almost straight after The Heroes, and enjoyed the presence of more northerners, as well as the return of some old favourites, including Cosca, and a cameo appearance for Shivers. As always, Abercrombie’s characters are fantastic, and I found myself massively enjoying the group dynamic of the small, ragged bunch of extremely colourful and well-developed characters as they travelled through a great deal of adversity, both from nature and human enemies.

As stated in my review of The Heroes, I massively enjoy Abercrombie’s dialogue, which I find very easy to read and very entertaining. It certainly adds something which I have rarely found in any other books. A combination of funny and very blunt, a certain ‘realness’ is brought to his writing that helps readers empathise all the more with his characters. My favourite part of the book is the somewhat macabre battle scene towards the end involving a certain well-known north-man, and I would certainly recommend this book to any lover of the fantasy genre.

‘Red Country’ by Joe Abercrombie is a standalone.