In the Shadow of the Storm


Sarus is under threat from an ancient enemy known only as The Darkness, but only the elves of the Novinfyr Empire stands against it. One elf has made the perilous journey west in search of aid, but instead has found only slavery. His journey shall be longer, and take him further than any of his kind has gone before.

The human nations of the west war amongst themselves, oblivious to the peril. The Republic of Laternas, used to centuries of dominance, is rotting, and one Lancer Colonel can do nothing to stop it. To the north, a huntress, and the heiress to the province of Cantar flees her home and an arranged marriage, seeking only to protect her sister. In the distant Althar Federation, a godling is born, and the new religion threatens to tear the land apart, when they most need to stand united.

Meanwhile deep in the Wastes, a storm is rising which threatens to sweep all the ‘civilised’ nations of the west before it, but will it break before it has begun?

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Historian/Author of The Shadow's Herald and The Drakvalka Saga. Book reviews, musings and the occasional rant land here.

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