Welcome to the world of Sarus!

Comprised of a number of continents, the entirety of The Shadow’s Herald takes place in the large, south-western continent, the Toscene Expanse. The Drakvalka Saga, a working title for a planned series of eight books spans much of the rest of the world, with a wide array of races and cultures introduced and explored.

The books:

For a synopsis of The Shadow’s Herald follow the link below:

The Drakvalka Saga (working title)

  • In the Shadow of the Storm
  • The Storm Unleashed
  • Below Darkening Skies (working title)
  • Darkness Ascendant (working title)
  • The Eye of the Storm (working title)
  • Dusk Falls (working title)
  • The Storm Warrior (working title)
  • The Pillars of the Sky

The Drakvalka Inheritance (working title)

  • Legacy (working title)
  • Dissent (working title)
  • Unity (working title)

The Rheali Chronicles

The Angelwar (working title)

  • Child of Darkness: The First Crusade
  • The Schism
  • The Angelwar part 1: The Breaking
  • The Angelwar part 2: The End of Days

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Historian/Author of The Shadow's Herald and The Drakvalka Saga. Book reviews, musings and the occasional rant land here.

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