The Storm from the Steppes

The Storm from the Steppes is the title of my blog series concerning the history of the Mongol Empire, of which I hope to release one installment every week.

My aim is to dispel myths about the Mongol conquests, and to popularize history somewhat while maintaining its accuracy. As such, I will be writing non-fiction, but not academic essays.

The series will be extensive, as I hope to go into a fair amount of detail:

  • Introduction
  • Profile: Genghis Khan
  • The Storm Rising: The Unification of the Tribes
  • Profile: The Mongol Army
  • Mongol Tactics and Strategies
  • 1206-1216, The First Decade in China: The First Invasion of Xi Xia, the Attack on the Jin and the Defeat of the Khitai
  • The Chinese Context: The Jin and the Song
  • The Liberators of Islam: The Defeat of the Qara-Khitai
  • The Scourge of God: The Invasion of the Khwarazmian Empire
  • Profile: Tolui, Fourth Son of Genghis
  • The Great Raid West
  • The Battle of the Kalka
  • Profiles: Jebe and Subotai, Generals of Genghis Khan
  • Profiles: Jelme, Genghis’ Brothers, and his First Three Sons
  • 1225-1235, The Second Decade in China: The Subjugation of the Xi Xia and the Invasions of Korea and China
  • The Caucasus: Jalal al-Din Returns
  • The Invasion of Europe Begins: The Volga Bulgars and Northern Russia
  • The Battle of the River Sit
  • The Subjugation of Georgia and Armenia
  • The Great Army Marches Onwards: The Defeat of the Mordvins, the Conquest of South Russia and the Ravaging of Galicia and Volynia.
  • The Polish Raid
  • The Battle of Liegnitz
  • The Invasion of Hungary
  • The Battle of Mohi Plains
  • The Defeat of the Seljuk Sultanate: Kösedagh
  • Profile: Kuyuk Khan, Son of Ögödei, Grandson of Genghis
  • Profiles: Genghis’ Grandsons: Möngke, Hülegü and Khublai
  • The Assassins
  • The Scourge of Islam: The Sack of Baghdad
  • The Holy Land
  • The Myth of Mongol Invincibility: ‘Ain Jalut and the First Battle of Hims.
  • The Focus on the East: China, Korea, and the Invasion of South-East Asia
  • The Ilkhan-Mamluk War and the Ilkhans of Persia
  • Profile: The Mamluk Sultanate
  • Profile: The Golden Horde
  • Mongol Civil War
  • Kamikaze: The Mongol Invasions of Japan and the Divine Wind
  • The Final Subjugation of China
  • Conquests in South-East Asia
  • Kulikovo Fields: The Defeat of the Golden Horde
  • Profile: The Chagatai Khanate and Tamerlane
  • Profile: Toqtamish and the Resurgent Golden Horde
  • The Fall of the Yuan Dynasty

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