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Book Review: ‘The Army of Light’, by Stephen A. Fender

51fcHqzCm8L._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_I must confess, I’m not usually a fan of sci-fi books, and I haven’t read a vast amount. However in this case, I found myself enjoying the introduction to Shawn Kestrel. It wasn’t too exposition-heavy in the opening chapters, despite forming the introduction to a series, something which can often be a difficult line to tread. The easy, realistic dialogue kept the plot moving at a good pace, and made the book very easy to read. There were interesting characters with nicely subtle hints at their backstories, something I wasn’t necessarily expecting from a book picked up for 99p, though precisely the reason I do pick up cheaper books.

Having said this, the culmination left many more questions than it really answered. I’m a great believer in each book in a series also working as a self-contained story, which The Army of Light didn’t really seen to. It makes me question the idea of having the first book significantly cheaper than the rest of the series, as I feel it only really encourages such an unsatisfying ending.

‘The Army of Light’, by Stephen A. Fender is Book 1 in The Kestrel Saga.