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Maps! Everywhere, maps!

As I mentioned in a post the other day, I’ve started playing around with the map maker at, using it to transfer my appalling hand-drawn maps into far more professional-looking electronic copies.

I’ve so far mapped out all of my continents to some degree, but only two have been finished to the point where I’m comfortable sharing them.

As mentioned in the previous post, the engine is only in alpha phase, so I’ve encountered a few glitches, particularly with the text (which will become apparent below).

The first two I’ve completed, unsurprisingly, are of The Toscene Expanse, where the events of The Shadow’s Herald take place, and Salis, where The War of the Ancients (working title) series takes place. You’ll need to click on the maps to see them in more detail.

The Toscene Expanse:




I would welcome any thoughts or questions you might have about the two continents.

A Resource for World-Building!

I find that with planning and writing both, a map helps me an enormous amount, but have always struggled to produce useful maps myself (having the drawing ability of a toddler). I’ve been playing around with this all day, mapping out my world, and have found it incredibly easy to use. It’s still in alpha phase, so it’s a bit rough, but nowhere near as much as you’d expect given ‘alpha phase’.

Anyway, enough gabbling, here’s the link:
If you sign up for it (it’s free), you should get an email in the next couple of hours to give you access to it.

Happy mapping!