Book Reviews

I’ve always been an avid reader of any kind of books, though I’ll admit, I have gone through phases of varying interest. With my degree course spanning the last three years, I’ve had to balance reading non-fiction for research purposes with fiction for enjoyment.

In terms of non-fiction, I’ve read books on a wide variety of topics, geographical areas and time periods, ranging from the ancient Roman campaigns against the Parthians, up until the Cold War, and the Vietnam conflict.

Where fiction is concerned, my tastes tend to be very narrow.  Initially interested in just fantasy, I’ve managed to branch out to both historical fiction and scattered science-fiction novels.

Recently I decide that writing reviews of the books I have read will help me decide what I do and don’t like in books, and will hopefully aid me with regards to creativity.

September 2017

  • A  Plague of Swords, by Miles Cameron

May 2017

  • The Dread Wyrm, by Miles Cameron
  • The Dinosaur Knights, by Victor Milan
  • The Skull Throne, by Peter V. Brett

April 2017

  • The Daylight War, by Peter V. Brett

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Historian/Author of The Shadow's Herald and The Drakvalka Saga. Book reviews, musings and the occasional rant land here.

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