Book Review: ‘The Skull Throne’, by Peter V. Brett

The mere fact that I read it straight off the back of The Daylight War speaks volumes. Not only that, but I finally fell for the Kindle App marketing. When I finished The Daylight War, the option to buy The Skull Throne came up, and despite having probably hundreds of other books to read, I went straight for it with only slight hesitation. In my view the unsatisfactory ending of The Daylight War was offset to a massive degree by the speedy resolution of the cliff-hanger ending. I was glad it wasn’t dangled for too long, as it would have been easy, and I think at this point almost cliched to do.

Despite the length of the book, I also managed to read it in about two straight days. This again attests to just how good the plot was. I very much enjoyed the slight change of pace as this book progressed, enjoying the increasing focus on politicking, as I feel it truly came to the fore, on both side of the Daylight conflict, more so than any of the books so far in my opinion. Aside from that, aspects of the series remain strong, with Krasian society still being fascinating, perhaps all the more so due to the thorough exploration of it (from a variety of different perspectives).

Finally, without wishing to spoil anything, suffice it to say, I wasn’t necessarily expecting some of the deaths which came late in the book. In hindsight I realise that with it being the fourth book of five it was inevitable, but such a realisation did nothing to decrease the grief I felt on the behalf of the characters, and I await The Core with eager anticipation.

‘The Skull Throne’,   by Peter V.  Brett is the fourth in The Demon Cycle.

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