Book Review: ‘Half a War’, by Joe Abercrombie

half-a-warHalf a War constituted a great return to the series, and from initially not enjoying Scandinavian-inspired fantasy, I’ve found myself becoming a fan of it. No doubt this is largely a result of Abercrombie’s fantastic writing style, and the sheer brutality of the world. In a book filled with entertaining, bordering on hilarious, moments, the point at which you realise exactly what ‘elf weapons’ are is fantastic. Without wanting to give anything away, a Viking shieldwall advances against something it really shouldn’t.

Abercrombie’s writing continues to be grimdark in the extreme, and I found myself revelling in Yarvi’s Machiavellian-style politics. The sheer cold brutality of his decision-making is enough to provoke goose-bumps at times. As with all of his writing, Abercrombie has dozens of twists, some of which are perhaps predictable, but most come out of nowhere. As usual, the dialogue is fantastic, and the plot includes good twists, brutal reality and gritty fight scenes. A highly enjoyable read.

‘Half a War’, by Joe Abercrombie is the third in the Shattered Sea Trilogy.

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