Book Review: ‘Herald of the Storm’, by Richard Ford

HeraldOfTheStorm_hb.inddHerald of the Storm was one of my first purchases by Kindle, but unfortunately I haven’t managed to get around to reading it until now. It got off to a good start, with an immersive world and good back-story. While there was a good deal of world-building, it was done well, and seeded throughout. Perhaps this is why there are so many characters in the opening chapters. At this point it wasn’t an issue, but they remained a somewhat disparate group for at least the first 40% of the book. While the group was disparate, it was all set in the same city (Steelhaven), which is almost reminiscent of the Song of Ice and Fire, for all the best reasons.

Even if I couldn’t see the story coming together for a while, I found it at the same time complex and easy to read, which made it a very interesting read. I’ve struggled to isolate what exactly it was about the book that made it so readable. Part of it is that while reading it, I found that it precipitated a lot of questions from the reader, not all of which are answered in the course of the book (as might well be expected of a series). There were however a good deal of action sequences, and a worthy climax. The band of characters come together nicely, and the next book in the series is set up nicely. The best way I can characterise my experience with this book is that it felt like going over the crest of a roller-coaster: I could feel it building up for the first 60-70% of the book, but I wasn’t quite sure what would happen when I got there. Then when stuff happened, it happened fast. I would certainly recommend both this book and this author.

‘Herald of the Storm’, by Richard Ford is the first in the Steelhaven series.


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