Book Review: ‘The Builders’, by Daniel Polansky

BuildersIf I’m honest, I bought this book because it was cheap. It was fantastic value. With an average read time of under 2 hours, I found it to be a short and fun read. The language and grammar were simple, and as such the read was very little effort, which I enjoyed as a primer for some the slightly more complex reads of Half the World and Providence of Fire.

Polanksy’s writing style is very different to almost anything else I’ve read. ‘Playful’ is probably the best way to describe it. The only author even remotely close to such a style is Abercrombie, whose style is probably closer to informal than playful however. For the most part, I found the style enjoyable, though at certain points there were hints of trying a little too hard, which made it a little grating. Along with simple language, grammar and a playful style, the plot was simple as well. Moving along at a nice pace, it added to the brevity of the read. The backstory and context was only gradually revealed in a suitably clouded and swirling manner, which kept me reading through to the end.

Perhaps the greatest selling point of this novel however was the nostalgia value. When I was younger, I used to read the Redwall stories, and the concept of different animals having their own attributes sparked more general memories of my childhood.

‘The Builders’, by Daniel Polansky is a standalone.



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