Book Review: ‘Homeland,’ by R.A. Salvatore

Homeland2It’s taken far too long for me to get around to reading R.A. Salvatore in a comprehensive manner. I have vague memories of reading The Thousand Orcs at some point as a young child, but I didn’t really pursue the wider series, for whatever reason. Nearly a decade later, and I’ve finally gotten around to starting the series chronologically, with Homeland.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It’s a much older style of fantasy than much of what I’ve been reading recently. By this, I mean that it includes a number of the tropes which might called ‘classics’. I do enjoy twists on well-established tropes, as is becoming increasingly common in more recent fantasy, but every now and again, reading ‘classics’ is very enjoyable. In the case of Homeland, and the Dark Elf Trilogy in general, the books are also considerably shorter than more modern fantasy books, which makes them incredibly manageable and easy to get through.

I enjoyed the characters a lot, as well as the new world described by Salvatore. Having read The Thousand Orcs, I had vague notions of where Drizzt was headed, and it was fantastic to see his ‘origin story’. Having said that, I had an issue with Dark Elf society. It was incredibly dark, which normally I’m a fan of, but in this case, it seems a little too dark. After a little thought, it seems like an incredibly impractical society. Due to the book being enjoyable and short, I loved the society, but once I had finished, I had time to stop and consider, and ended up picking holes.

Overall though, a very enjoyable and nostalgic book.

‘Homeland,’ by R.A. Salvatore is the first in The Dark Elf Trilogy.


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