Book Review: ‘The Hero of Ages’, by Brandon Sanderson

Hero of AgesWarning: Mistborn Trilogy Spoilers all.

Reaching the end of the Mistborn Trilogy, I was forced to sit back and wonder how it could possibly have taken me so long to get around to reading the series. Needless to say, I enjoyed the trilogy as a whole, and The Hero of Ages in particular, a massive amount. I thought that it represented a fantastic close to a fantastic and innovative series.

Somehow the series has continued to grow more epic in scope from book to book. This is impressive considering the fact that the first book culminated in the killing of a god. Somehow Sanderson managed to move the plot along from a disparate band of thieves to a clash of forces which transcend nature itself, and all without anything seeming too much of a leap. Perhaps this is what I enjoy most about this series. Much like Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, there are clues throughout the trilogy which makes it immensely satisfying when everything comes together. Nor was the climax all dumped into one scene or moment; there were a number of such revelatory moments throughout the series.

Almost all of these managed to provide some kind of twist or another, something which kept me as a reader on my toes, and it was not until maybe four lines before I guessed Sazed’s final fate. As one of the most relatable characters in the series for me personally, I enjoyed the conclusion as epic beyond belief. I’ve been aware of new Mistborn novels coming out in recent years, and am excited by the scope and implication of the revelations made at the end of The Hero of Ages.

‘The Hero of Ages’, by Brandon Sanderson is the third in the Mistborn Trilogy.


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