Book Review: ‘Well of Ascension’, by Brandon Sanderson

Warning: Minor/Vague Spoilers.

Well of Acesnsion

Initially the book seemed in a very similar style to the previous book, which I very much enjoyed. Much of the plot is very character-based, and the empathies developed for the cast in the first book only continue to be strengthened throughout the second. The whole book is one of an expanding scope, both in terms of plot and geographical area covered, with a much more in-depth exploration of what promised to be a fantastic world in The Final Empire. The ease with which Sanderson manages to switch between characters without the jump being too jarring also remains remarkable, and only makes the book all the more readable.

I very much enjoyed the hints in The Final Empire at this wider world, and in Well of Ascension we get to see other dominances, more characters, and the feared Koloss. In short, the book moves on from the ‘coming of age’ story detailed in The Final Empire to something far closer to epic fantasy, with the climactic battle scene an awesome confirmation of this fact. I also very much enjoyed Vin’s transformation in the course of the book: from simply Kelsier’s student to the near-deity she becomes. Her fight against the Koloss is one of the highlights in a final few chapters which are full (as with The Final Empire) of twists which absolutely blindsided me.

‘Well of Ascension’, by Brandon Sanderson is the second in The Mistborn Trilogy.


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