Book Review: ‘Wolf’s Head’, by Steven A. McKay

My initial rWolfHeadeaction to Wolf’s Head was that the date range immediately annoyed me. I realise that, especially with a legend, placing the real ‘Robin Hood’ in time is difficult. However, I had always thought it tradition to place Robin Hood around the time of the Third Crusade with King Richard the Lionheart. Possible inaccuracies aside, I thought the plot was good, and moved along at a suitable pace, although certain of the developments seemed a little unrealistic. First and foremost was the idea of Robin learning the sword in just a few weeks, something which is a source of constant annoyance to me throughout historical fiction and fantasy both. The way in which youths seem to turn into battle-hardened killing machines in the space of weeks rather than years is far too unrealistic. As well as this, the prevalence of swords seems unlikely, given the fact that they would have been very expensive, with axes and clubs far more likely among outlaws in particular.

I thought the writing itself was strong to begin with, but gradually deteriorated as the book continued. It was never awful, but I had expected it to remain at the same standard throughout. Overall, an enjoyable and easy read, but I might read some other things before I continue the series.

‘Wolf’s Head,’ by Steven A. McKay is the first in The Forest Lord Series.


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