Book Review: ‘The Vagrant’, by Peter Newman

The-Vagrant-Peter-NewmanOnce again, this is a book I picked up in large part due to the fantastic cover art. The story is about a lone, mute warrior travelling across a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a baby and a goat. While this might seem an odd combination, and I had doubts about the depth of such characters given their inability to talk, these fears were unfounded. The mute, the baby and the goat all had very different personalities, and I found the characters to have more depth than many I’ve read.

A refreshing blend of traditional, post-apocalyptic sci-fi and fantasy, this book has many ingredients which, far from clashing, complement each other brilliantly. It has demons, guns, flame-throwers and a semi-sentient sword, and who could fail to enjoy such a book? The world in which The Vagrant is set has beautiful in its simplicity, with the temptations of over-development well-resisted. Alongside this, Newman took the brave choice of writing in the present tense, something I have conducted many a failed experiment with. In this case however, it is pulled off fantastically, adding to the Vagrant’s air of mystery very well. Combined with the evocative and well-placed metaphors and general vocabulary, the fantastic writing has the effect of not allowing me to put the book down.

I would certainly recommend this book to any fans of either sci-fi or fantasy.

‘The Vagrant’ by Peter Newman is (for now) a standalone.


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