Book Review: ‘The Sword of Light’, by E.J. Gilmour

Sword of Light

I have to say, I struggled with this. I almost considered stopping after the first quarter. A somewhat limited vocabulary, combined with a few overused words and somewhat wooden and stilted dialogue served to make this a very slow read. In some places, some abbreviations would have made the dialogue and, by extension the characters seem far more realistic.

The characters themselves were very unrealistic throughout. From the start, they were overly-trusting, seeming to form close relationships with little to no effort. As well, there was very little in the way of ‘show’ and much more ‘tell’, which caused me to struggle to form any kind of attachment to any of the characters. Both the good and bad characters were very limited, with the bad guys just being bad ‘because’. By contrast, the protagonists are too good, with no flaws whatsoever, not even inexperience. The main character, Eben, begins as a boy adopted by a hunter (reminiscent of the Wheel of Time) but very quickly becomes what appears to be an unmatched swordsman. While personally I find this by far the most annoying aspect of the book, it seems understandable.

Such a rapid and unrealistic development would seem to be symptomatic of over-excitement on the part of the author; he knows where the story is going, but is not willing to explain in detail how it gets there.

In short, I would not recommend this book, but with a little more plot development in the middle of the book and a few more tweaks, it’d be a much better novel.

‘The Sword of Light’ by E.J. Gilmour is the first in The Veredor Chronicles.


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