Book Review: ‘The Heroes’, by Joe Abercrombie

As previously stated, I am a big fan of Joe Abercrombie’s writing. I have enjoyed any and every mention of northmen in all of his books to this point, and so to have a book with so many of them made it immensely enjoyable. I found the book very easy to read and as a lover of military fantasy, massively enjoyed the fact that the entire volume was concerned with just one military engagement between the northmen and the Union. Too often in fantasy books are battles simply over in a few pages, and it was a refreshing change to have something which fully captured the intricacies of an entire military engagements.

The number of subplots maintained throughout the book made for a very satisfying ending, while still leaving room for further exploration. As with all of Abercrombie’s books the characters are very human, something aided by the fantastic dialogue, and this allows readers to empathise with characters much more easily, even if they do turn out to be somewhat fickle at times. The style of writing is another massive aid to this, with its somewhat informal tone making it very easy to read at considerable pace. I would certainly recommend this book to any fantasy enthusiast.

‘The Heroes’ by Joe Abercrombie is a standalone.


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