Book Review: ‘Limits of Power’, by Elizabeth Moon

As soon as I put the third book, Echoes of Betrayal down, I picked up Limits of Power and ended up buying the fifth, Crown of Renewal within five minutes of finishing it, less than two days later. Very easy to read for the right reasons, Limits of Power has a well-paced plot that makes it very difficult to put down (hence finishing it in less than two days).

While I wouldn’t say the series started slowly by any stretch of the imagination, it has certainly gathered pace as it has progressed. The fact that the stakes aren’t quite ‘the end of the world’ (or if they are, that hasn’t quite been revealed yet) as is so often the case in epic fantasy makes the story all the more human, and has allowed me to empathise far more with all the characters. The way in which certain seemingly entrenched notions about the society of Moon’s world are challenged in Limits of Power has served to retain the sense of epic scope usually achieved with stakes as high as the survival of the world. It serves to create a much more complex set of motivations and responses for the characters, which I find absolutely fascinating and has contributed massively to my enjoyment of the series in general, as well as Limits of Power specifically.

‘Limits of Power’, by Elizabeth Moon is the fourth in the Paladin’s Legacy series.