A return to education

Having graduated at the start of the summer with a 2:1 in history, I’ve been forced to watch as many of my friends have gone off in their own ways in search of gainful employment. My summer has meanwhile been spent writing, and playing rugby league for the local amateur side, the Outlaws, with the pressure of finding employment alleviated by my impending MA course, starting in September.

The various other graduates I’ve met up with since the end of the year have all had a good idea of what they want to do with their lives. Many had already secured jobs -the majority starting in the autumn- while the rest were engaged in fairly intense job searches, all with a clear and specific idea of what they were looking for.

What I realised (if I hadn’t before) was that I didn’t have a clue what I was aiming to do with my life. As such, in the past few weeks in particular, I have been giving it some serious thought. The list I have come up with is still painfully short, but also has an unhelpfully wide range.

I was glad therefore, when the uni rugby league club began their preseason mid-way through September, distracting me from any more long-term goals.


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