Book Review: ‘Night of Wolves’, by David Dalglish

Having been disappointed by David Dalglish in the past, with the first of his Half Orcs Series, I was hoping that Night of Wolves might be slightly better. Unfortunately, it was not. The story was different, and had potential, but it was hampered by poor character development and some weak writing.

The thing I found worst about this book was that the point of view from which the story was told jumped around a lot, which meant that I struggled to form any kind of emotional attachment to them. The only characters which seemed to have any kind of personality were the two paladins, Jerico and Darius but even then, only when it served the story.

As with The Weight of Blood, the story had the potential to be good, with the plot maintaining a suitable pace throughout, something which made the book readable.

I’ve now read two books by Davd Dalglish, from two separate series, and enjoyed neither. I’ll not be reading any more of them.

‘Night of Wolves’ by David Dalglish is the first in The Paladins Series.


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