Book Review: ‘Magic of Thieves’, by C. Greenwood

As I perhaps expected from a YA book, Magic of Thieves is very simply written, with not many long words. While this is not a problem necessarily, I found that it contributed in part to descriptions and exposition not being particularly vivid.

Alongside this, I found the narrative a little ‘clunky’, with sentence structuring feeling a little off to me. When combined with the lack of streamlining put into the dialogue, it makes the whole experience feel a little unnatural. Some of the sentences in the book also contain oxymorons, and the voice of certain characters seems a little changeable too.

In terms of storyline, I think that the whole plot is maybe a little ‘easy’ in spite of the fact that not much happens. Part of this is that the protagonist seems very trusting despite her harrowing past, and almost everyone she meets seems to be inherently good to a certain extent.

The combination of jarring time jumps, and stunted character development also meant that by the climax of the book, there had been no real sense of her developing caring or meaningful relationships with anyone. As such, this left me feeling a little underwhelmed.

In spite of these flaws, I thought it had all the basic ingredients of a good, old-fashioned fantasy story. Overall though, I felt it did not quite live up to its potential.

‘Magic of Thieves’ by C. Greenwood is the first in The Legends of the Dimmingwood Series.


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