Making time for reading?

This summer, I’ve been trying hard to make time for reading, following three years of what feels like nothing but during the course of my degree. As mentioned in a prior post, I’ve also decided that I need to put myself out there somewhat more. As such I’ve expanded my social networking, to include the wonderful people of reddit, mainly of the /r/Fantasy and /r/Fantasywriters. Alongside this, I’ve endeavored to become an active member of the community of Fantasy Faction, a forum I would highly recommend to fantasy readers and writers both.

All of this has combined to open my eyes to just how many great fantasy books there are which I’ve never heard of, or simply not considered reading. The results have been quite startling. I’ve started keeping a ‘to read’ list, which has grown rapidly, and quickly spiralled out of control. Something I’m finding to be true is that, even without having a job at the moment, I simply cannot find enough hours in the day.

With five hours of training a week, I’m also juggling searching for jobs, writing one book with the aim of 1500 words per day, and editing The Shadow’s Herald in preparation for the second wave of  agency submissions (at roughly 4000 words per day). Part of this juggling is due to the fact that I don’t particularly enjoy editing, and I find that doing a little a day keeps it fresh.

The aforementioned ‘to read’ list is a pretty random blend of recommended fantasy books, the ends of series, historical fiction, and free kindle downloads (only the top 5 are in any kind of order). If there are any suggestions of things to add: please, feel free!

  1. Django Wexler, The Thousand Names, The Shadow Campaign, Book 1
  2. Brian McClellan, Promise of Blood, Powdermage Trilogy, Book 1
  3. Mark Lawrence, Emperor of Thorns, Broken Empire, Book 3
  4. Anthony Ryan, Blood Song, Raven’s Shadow, Book 1
  5. Brandon Sanderson, Well of Ascension, Mistborn, Book 2
  6. Paul Hoffman, The Beating of His Wings, The Left Hand of God Trilogy, Book 3
  7. Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora, The Gentleman Bastard Sequence, Book 1
  8. Brent Weeks, The Way of Shadows, The Night Angel Trilogy, Book 1
  9. Joe Abercrombie, The Heroes
  10. Joe Abercrombie, Red Country
  11. Mark Lawrence, Prince of Fools, Red Queen’s War, Book 1
  12. Brian Staveley, The Emperor’s Blades, Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, Book 1
  13. Sam Sykes, Tome of the Undergates, Aeon’s Gate, Book 1
  14. Richard Ford, Herald of the Storm, Steelhaven, Book 1
  15. R. Scott Bakker, The Darkness That Comes Before, The Prince of Nothing, Book 1
  16. David Hair, Mage’s Blood, Moontide Quartet, Book 1
  17. Patrick Rothfuss, Name of the Wind, The Kingkiller Chronicle, Book 1
  18. Michael J. Sullivan, Rise of Empire, Riyria Revelations, Books 3-4
  19. Michael J. Sullivan, Heir of Novron, Riyria Revelations, Books 5-6
  20. Sam Barone, Battle for Empire, The Eskkar Saga, Book 5
  21. Sam Barone, Clash of Empires, The Eskkar Saga, Book 6
  22. Daniel Arenson, Blood of Requiem, Song of Dragons, Book 1
  23. M.E. McNally, The Sable City, The Norothian Cycle, Book 1
  24. Robert E. Keller, Knights: The Eye of Divinity, The Knights Series, Book 1
  25. E.J. Gilmour, The Sword of Light, Veredor Chronicles, Book 1
  26. Kameron Hurley, The Mirror Empire
  27. Jon Sprunk, Blood and Iron
  28. Steven McKay, Wolf’s Head, The Forest Lord, Book 1
  29. Samantha Shannon, The Bone Season
  30. Raymond E. Feist, Daughter of the Empire, The Empire Trilogy, Book 1
  31. Raymond E. Feist, Krondor: Tear of the Gods, Riftwar Legacy, Book 3
  32. Peter Brett, The Painted Man, The Demon Cycle, Book 1
  33. Ben Kane, Hannibal: Enemy of Rome, Hannibal, Book 1
  34. Douglas Hulick, Among Thieves, Book 1
  35. Bernard Cornwell, The Burning Land, The Warrior Chronicles, Book 5
  36. Adrian Tchaikovsky, The Scarab Path, Shadows of the Apt, Book 5

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